Paramotor Training

Learn to Paramotor in the heart of the West Country



With over 10 years paramotor experience, even more paragliding and instructional experience, our team is highly qualified. We have taught hundreds of students how to fly paramotors and are dedicated to helping our students learn how to fly safely and responsibly.

We are patient and understanding and will work with you until you are comfortable flying on your own. Because of our experience, we are able to ensure you get airborne at a pace most suited to you.


We have several dedicated paramotor training sites across Somerset & Dorset as well as access to some of the South West’s most stunning paragliding sites for some first hops or if you want to get a taste for free-flight.


Based in the South West of England, we have one of the world’s best paramotor manufacturers on our doorstep – Parajet!

All our training is completed on Parajet Maverick Paramotors, with a selection of engines available, suitable for all pilots.

During your training, we will discuss the best motor & glider combination suited to your flying style. We are dealers for a large number of manufacturers and are able to provide support on finding second-hand equipment as well.