What to expect on a paramotor course


We believe that the best way to learn how to fly a paramotor is in a small group setting with a maximum of 3 students per instructor. This allows our instructors to give each student the individual attention they need to learn safely and effectively.

The training program is designed to teach you everything you need to know about paramotoring, from the basics of flight to advanced techniques.

You will be able to safely take off and land in a variety of conditions and have the knowledge & experience to judge a ‘good’ flying day with our theory sessions and practical explanations of the weather!


The theory element to paramotor training is essential for all students to complete before they can begin flying outside of the school environment. As part of your course, we will cover:

  • The basics of flight theory
  • The equipment and safety gear required and how to use them
  • Basic maintenance of the 2 stroke engine and paraglider
  • The weather conditions suitable for paramotoring
  • The different types of maneuvers that can be performed
  • The rules and regulations governing paramotoring and flying in the UK

This theory element is taught in a classroom setting and students are required to complete several quizzes and lots of practical exercises.

We provide all relevant training materials to help students learn the theory element of paramotoring.


Course Details & FAQs

How long will the course take?

This is heavily dependent on the pilot, however a beginner course generally takes 10 days and a conversion up to 7 days

When do you run the courses?

Our courses are flexible and run all year round (weather dependent!). Generally we are the busiest from April – September

I can already paraglide, why is the course so long?

Although you are comfortable in the air, you will have to ‘unlearn’ some techniques and get to grips with the power unit.
There is then a number of tasks that you will need to complete in order to be comfortable with the addition of the throttle and for many pilots, flying reflex for the first time.

Do you offer any online training courses?

These are under preparation and will be released soon!

Will you help me purchase equipment during the course?

Yes, we will discuss your requirements and help you find the best suited equipment to suit your ability.
As dealers for several glider brands we can even arrange the purchase & delivery of your kit as well as to help set it up.

I have my own kit, can I use this for training?

We have seen so many times people have bought second hand kit before their course with no knowledge of the sport which turns out to be unsuitable.
If you have already purchased some equipment, please bring it with you and we will take a look & see if it is suitable.